Using technology to learn about climate change

Climate change has for a long time been a contentious and debated topic for many. The lack of sound education and experienced scientists in the field of Climate Science has given rise to an unfavourable rise of climate change skepticism.

Whilst this skepticism is unfounded and is mostly funded by large big oil companies, the chance of actually

Education for counselling

Scientists and educators alike have long believed that the most sound form of improving one’s life and happiness comes from solid and sound counselling and psychology. We know as scientists that some of the skeptics could also benefit from some psychology treatment and assistance as well.


When considering choosing a Psychologist or Psychology Melbourne consider Total Care Counselling as the preferred choice. Principal Graze Azzopardi has over 10 Years’ experience in the area of counselling and psychological treatment.  She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and has educational qualifications that are the envy of many other counsellors.

She practises psychologist/psychology and counselling in these locations which include Altona, Williamstown, Hoppers Crossing and other suburbs nearby. We would recommend you call her at +61 3 8609 6992 to book an appointment well in advance.

Another service which Grace is a specialist in is Marriage Counselling in Melbourne, she had prepared a summary of her Marriage Counselling services here – counselling females and couples is her specialty, with the right advice and assistance your marriage could be a more prosperous chance of surviving the ups and downs of life which often go to interfere with your common enjoyment in everyday life.

Total Care Counselling are sponsors of our project and have made a stellar effort to incorporate their learning and education in our services.

During times of stress and frustration it can be difficult to know who to turn to for help, without the guidance and knowledge of an experienced and qualified psychologist who understands the scientific community, you are placed in a situation of distinct difficulty. The Beyond Blue institute in Australia has provided a set of counselling guidelines and psychological treatment plans which can assist professionals deal with their mental health issues. One of those recommendations is to seek help from a qualified and experienced counsellor.

Whilst we here at Secrets of the Ice hope you never have to use this service, we believe that you will benefit tremendously from the advice we have provided if you ever do.